Sunderland 23.06.87

Back to normal in the North-East after a beautiful day in Cardiff as this was the worst weather and worst show – the football ground is on a hill facing the sea and it was very windy and rained all day. The wind was so strong that Bowie’s plane was delayed which meant he was late on to make it worse. When he did bound on stage he famously said “Hello Newcastle” much to the amusement and anger of the locals.

The support act were Big Country. There are recordings of all the 1987 shows and some are excellent but not of this show. It isn’t something you would want to remember anyway.





Purple Haze

Up The Hill Backwards

Glass Spider

Day In Day Out

Bang Bang

Absolute Beginners

Loving The Alien

China Girl


Scary Monsters

All The Madmen

Never Let Me Down

Big Brother

87 and Cry


Time Will Crawl

Beat Of Your Drum

Sons Of The Silent Age

Dancing With The Big Boys


Lets Dance


Blue Jean

Modern Love