picture of the week 29.05.19

The beach at Torregrande a few miles by bus from the city of Cagliari in Sardinia. The white sand contrasts with the incoming rainclouds and the windsurfers and kitesurfers provide some colour.

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picture of the week 01.05.19

This is the harbour in the beautiful town of Cefalu in Sicily; just a short train journey from Palermo. There is a Norman fort above the town from which you can see the Vesuvius and Stromboli volcanoes. As if that wasn’t enough Cefalu was also used in the film “Cinema Paradiso”.

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picture of the week 24.04.19

Another one from my A Level photography; a set of four silhouette heads in tribute to the work of Gered Mankowitz who did this for a Rolling Stones album cover in the 60s. The smallest one in the foreground is me.

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picture of the week 17.04.19

The famine monument in Kyiv called “The Bitter Memory of Childhood”. Picking up wheat left on the collective farm fields after reaping was considered a crime and was punishable by up to 10 years of imprisonment or even death. As many as 7 million people are thought to have been killed in 1932 and 1933.

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picture of the week 10.04.19

The driver completes his final checks before setting off on the Elsecar Heritage Railway for the short journey along the line to Hemingfield colliery. In 1850 the line was built to carry iron and coal from Elsecar to Mexborough. The engines made their final runs in 1964 when Cortonwood Colliery closed. This steam train was built in 1900 and has been fully restored.

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picture of the week 03.04.19

A genuine MOBO-winning star in front of her adoring fans at Leeds Beckett Students Union last week. Nao sang her first song standing in the middle of the crowd and I love the looks of rapture on the faces in the crowd. This being Yorkshire the person directly in front of me is holding their pint firmly with both hands.

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picture of the week 27.03.19

Poster for the Palace Theatre at Attercliffe. The theatre opened originally as a Variety Theatre called the Alhambra on the 3rd January 1898, renamed at the turn of the century, closed 1st July 1955 despite being cleaned daily.


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