picture of the week 04.09.19

The megacity of Tokyo as seen on a warm September afternoon from the top of the Roppongi Hills centre. 54 floors above ground and completely open. It was idyllic for this couple but I was out of there as soon as I had the courage to move myself.

Sony Alpha 5100


picture of the week 18.09.19

Sunset over the North Sea on an evening flight from Manchester to Hamburg. The horizon looks like the sky is splitting or perhaps like the lands before Sauron’s castle in Lord Of The Rings. We weren’t flying at that angle – it was just to exclude the wing.

iPhone 8

picture of the week 07.08.19

Here is a long-nosed goblin in the car park of the railway station at Kurama at the edge of Kyoto. Tengu – as they are known – are considered to be protective, if still dangerous, spirits of the mountains and forests.

Panasonic DMC GF-1

picture of the week 24.07.19 – Tramlines Special

So the annual Tramlines festival has been and gone for 2019 so here are some images from the weekend.

First of all when it has been torrential rain for the whole day you need some decent footwear …

and then some sensible clothing to wear …

and something to eat …

Coloured flares are a mixed blessing but are unavoidable …

even indoors – somewhere in here is Peter Hook and his band …

Add all of the above at the same time and it comes together beautifully – here are The Courteneers on the main stage on Saturday night.

iPhone 8SE

picture of the week 17.07.19

The Parliament building and the River Danube in the middle of Budapest. I was there for an e-Government conference in July 2006 and it was still at least 30c in the evening and the exhaust fumes were so bad I could hardly breathe when I got to the top but the view was worth it.

Back at the conference hotel I had a beer with a UK MP who was later sacked for expense fraud (I paid for the beers). Then on the way back my bags went to Amsterdam while I went to Manchester so it was an interesting week.

Canon Ixus

picture of the week 10.07.19

I finally managed to get a lovely clear picture of the fox cub who comes through my garden every evening and early morning on his daily round. I would love to say I stalked him for hours to get this beautiful face but it was taken by a remote camera at ground level while he had paused to take a drink from the pond.


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