Foxies – Spring

February is a long cold month and the weather is poor – very wet, very windy and very cold so the foxes come for their food each evening and then quickly vanish back into the garden to their cover. The evenings are starting to get lighter so there is a better chance of seeing them.

There was even a badger in the garden one night looking for food.

Badger February 2022

The foxes’ main birth period is mid-March. Their cubs are born deaf and blind so their mother rarely leaves them. She is supported by the other adults in the group so perhaps this is where she is taking some or all of the food each night.

Fiona March 2021
Fiona March 2021

Cubs first emerge above ground in late April when they start eating solid food. Signs that cubs have emerged include small droppings and flattened plants.

Fiona April 2021
Fiona April 2021

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